Christian Coalition

The Christian Coalition has been active since 1996 and it has developed The Solomon Project and Operation Nehemiah to deal with these present challenges and threats in both a practical and Biblical manner. This issue of persecution in our country of both

The Church and our Christian Faith cannot be solved by prayer alone or by a single church or fraternal leader. There are more than 121 different Christian church denominational groups and more than 75 865 churches have all been established for the Christian majority – but there is starving in this land of plenty and The Church is being regulated and controlled by the State with the CRL Rights Commission.

The Apostolic Faith Missions of South Africa claims to have more than 1.4 million members and more than 80% of this entire population and more than 66% of all Black African tribes claim to embrace this Christian Faith – but the concept of that Oneness and Unity – John 15-17 – is now going to be tested to its limits in this Clarion Call to Unity.

The Christian Coalition and The United Christian Front is respectfully appealing for Unity to deal with the challenges facing both our country and also our Christian Faith. It is only this unity that will provide peace and freedom to this Covenant Christian Country.